Everywhere I look I see memes. You post them, I post them and hell, for all I know, Martians fucking post them. There’s no escaping them. They’re the new bumper sticker, aren’t they folks? They say so much but are they the real deal? The old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words has turned into snippets from what could be from pharmaceutical print outs. My favorites are the ‘truth in advertising’ ones. “Does Not Play Well with Stupid!” Who does? Okay. Okay! You’re right, other stupid people. I guess, my question then is – do they know they’re stupid? Or is this it like being dead and they aren’t aware? Awww….shit! I can feel your judgement and I can raise you one! Yes, I am an ex-junkie. Truth. Yes, I was maintaining until I absolutely wasn’t. There are NO memes I have found that can give the honest conundrum in living that. I can’t hide behind that. There is absolutely no way to explain it without sounding like I am either romanticizing, defending, or giving a Nancy Reagan speech. By the way, I hope no matter what part of my life’s book you’re hearing about, you get the Nancy Reagan speech in the chapter. Speaking of my life in its descriptions , if you ever talk to me for roughly one hundred and twenty seconds, you will gather I fit into this world like John Holmes would into a key hole. I was once told I need brain friends. I thought I found one and then waxed rhapsodically about barnacle penises. They know all about John Holmes’ struggles. Barnacles can’t hide behind memes either. Like me, their Microvans aren’t decorated with these huge statements of their person. They just drive along waving the occasional sign going “I loved this one!” “I dig pop culture!” “I relate to spree killers!” Machiavelli said, “Everyone sees who you appear to be. Few experience what you really are.” Think about this. I have meditated on this quote for a long time. We ALL wear masks, costumes, bumper stickers, and pass out those horrible, picture-only schematics to those around us. It’s those who are willing to drink the Kool-Aid, listen to script, and wait for the credits to roll to experience all of us. BE THANKFUL for that. BE THANKFUL for the ones who were too impatient to sit through the whole movie. You just experienced what they are really are. If they’re clinging on like a barnacle and they’re not worthy of a restraining order – remember: a barnacle’s penis is three times the length of his body when fully erect


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