Feet First!

I need to go to my happy place for what seems like every thirty minutes or so, on average. There are days like today where those thirty minutes dwindle down to seconds. Where’s my happy place? I have a variety depending of my overall mood. They all have a common thread though. Iced lemon water. It is a very simple pleasure that’s incredibly harmless, unlike those who, say, have chronic masturbation as a theme. Lovely, my brain just went to my hand surgeries. Ugh! Those poor unfortunate souls. I hope they have punch cards so they can get their tenth one free. Carpal tunnel surgery, that it. Hell, if they’re paying for self gratification, they may need to see my psych too. And I digress. See? This. This right here is what left me indecisive about blogging and vlogging. I’m multifaceted and not just personalities. Unfortunately, this makes it damn near impossible to hold a regular thought. And my conversations are as convoluted as most anime flicks. Why do they always have a screamer? I could ask the chronic masturbators that question too.  Again, see?! I am far too ribald and distracted for video blogging. Someone I trust, you all (all one of you) may be seeing her from time to time, got me to recognize most of our society is more apt to watch a video rather than read. I, sadly, had to agree. I was going to do it. Right now though, I just want to enjoy writing. Maybe some day soon a video will happen.

As time goes on, I will be able to do both with as much patience and grace as my husband narrowly avoiding people in the grocery store without as many apologies for near misses. That’s right, this crazy lady is married. In fact, I’m married as fuck. I told him to run but he simply wouldn’t. I think it’s because he hates cardio. He’s cranky, cantankerous, an awesome bassist – the total package. He gets to hear about the repeat offender, my nemesis: my medication. Well, he and Lovie. I believe in multiple therapies but my all start with being properly medicated. Strike that. They start with my Lovie Doll, husband and then meds. Those are for next time.us

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