Lovie Doll and I are here to share a little knowledge, some insight, and a legion of my inner demons. As someone who lives with Bipolar like it’s an angry internal tilt-a-whirl, I see and experience daily life like it’s a side show circus. Funnily enough, I’m not the ring master. Oh sure, I could sell you tickets but I couldn’t give you a formal set list. I can, however, translate the performances but only as well as I could translate French literature given my two semesters of study. Have a seat. Let me parade my reality around you and geek dance my way up to the stage. For those of you wanting makeup tips, there will be some. For those of you wanting weight loss tips and what not to do, there will be some. For those of you wanting fashion tips, I’m not sure if a ton of what not to do constitutes as tips – so maybe. In fact, there will a little sumthin-sumthin for everyone and that includes those who are looking to be offended. Where does my bully baby come in? She’s here to make her Grande Dame appearances and editorial suggestions.


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